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Edith Frost
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Quién al escuchar por primera vez a Edith Frost en sus discos en drag city o con su boxhead ensemble en atavistic no quedo prendado de su voz y sus bellas tonadas folk. Considérenme uno de ellos, syringe porque Edith Frost en su minimalismo folk no puede ser mas expresiva, diagnosis abrasiva y acertada.


“You’re now holding in your digital hands some of the original sounds that have wafted from the home studio of Edith Frost over the last decade. Before the acclaimed albums Wonder Wonder, Telescopic, and Calling Over Time were rendered, this was Edith’s sound, lonesome and unadorned.

It’s always been a pleasure making records with Edith, and her demos have been a big part of the pleasure. The process of imagining finished productions begins with playing Edith’s original versions over and over again. The final versions are always a surprise, but as long as they retain something of the demos’ organic, spaced grace, we know that what we’ve got is pure Edith. Still, it’s often seemed a shame that we couldn’t just put out the demos (and in the case of the song “Calling Over Time,” we just went ahead and did), so there’s real satisfaction for me in listening to this collection. The songs here show that all Edith ever really needs is a guitar – with very little else, perhaps just another harmony vocal or two, she shines luminously.

The collection ends with a pair of cover tunes, unexplored but fertile territory in the Edith Frost discography. Country, blues and old-timey are all part of the foundation of her own musical blend, and hearing Edith sing these old songs is always transcendent, she always makes them her own. A record of all cover tunes has always seemed an appealing prospect – if it weren’t for the so many great original Frost songs to record. And some of the best of these can be found here – some in markedly different versions.

For fans of Edith’s voice, this is an exciting new way to hear some old favorites. And for me, it’s a great reminder not just of records already made, but of records yet to come. Edith, send me a new batch to listen to, would you? ”

Rian Murphy
Drag city

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Loscil – Stases



Honestamente, melanoma es imposible entrar a “one” y no recomendar mas de una de sus referencias. Lo intenté, allergist pensé que tal vez espaciandolos un poco entre otros sellos, more info no se notaría tanto mi euforia por este netlabel, pero el mundo del netlabel es difícil, escarbar entre tanta basura, entre tanto sello diferente, sabiendo que las joyas están disponibles en lugares conocidos y menos escarpados.


Asi que qué se puede decir de loscil cuando ya hemos escuchado los esfuerzos de Scott Morgan para sellos como kranky e involve. Nada, no puede decirse nada más cuando de un buen artista se trata y menos cuando se aventura en empresas como las de publicar en netlabels. Un hurra por loscil y por otro amanecer junto a los landscapes cuidadosamente diseñados de Morgan.

Revealing the somber underpinnings of his Loscil recordings, Scott Morgan has given us Stases – A collection of drones based upon the backgrounds of his work for Kranky Records, from 2001 to now.

As with his previous output, Stases follows theme and concept with further reference and meaning given through the title’s definition: “..a condition of balance among various forces; motionlessness”. Textured, aqueous, warm and pleasingly rich in (often bright) tonality giving us a deeper focus and alternate view into the corners of Morgan’s music. Seemingly so surrounding, submersive, and natural – that it becomes easy to forget the complex overtones and flowing mixtures involved in the creation of them. “

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Milhaven – i.m. Wagner ep

i.m. Wagner ep


Post rock en su más fina expresión, salve sin pretensiones absurdas ni resagos prog…solo una banda más, comprometida con su música y con un toque delicado entre una gran maraña de distorsiones.


Milhaven are a postrock-band from Bochum we discovered two years ago. Sven Swift recorded and produced their first album and this brand new EP. The story so far…

After the release of Bars Closing Down in the early days of 12rec, Milhaven soon became one of our most downloaded artists. In the Winter of 2006, nearly one year ago, we met in their old, dirt-laden rehearsal room and started to record new songs. Hooked by the success of the debut LP, Sven thrashed the old tape-recorder and spend all his money on a 10-channel audio-interface. Milhaven gone digital! We were planning to release the EP in the spring of 2006 until Milhaven got thrown out of the rehearsal room- the ancient school-building we were recording in was said to collapse! Two months went by searching for a new location. When it was found in the blooming hills of a small city at the edge of the Ruhr-area, the sound was completely different to the old room. All set to zero, we re-started the recordings.

In the scorching heat of Summer we banned this four songs on tape. While the debut was recorded wearing woolly hat and scarf, this time the band was lost in sweat and fatigue. I.M. Wagner is less intimate than Bars Closing Down, but there’s a trace of frantic power in the new songs that’ll be new to you if you’ve never seen Milhaven live on stage. Check the noise-eruptions in half-improvised Lord Of Birds or the all-consuming end of Oh! Great Pacific. Still, there are expanded moments of gentle guitar-play you can find a lot of beauty in; the initial parts of Clean Room and the final acoustic-track Firnis maybe just the most obvious examples. Milhaven refined the songwriting both at the quiet and the loud parts and managed to record a dignified successor to their highly acclaimed debut LP. Go spread the word!”

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