D-liner – Black summer

Vicious mind
Heavy industries


Cansado un poco de reseñar tanto disco downtempo y ambient, hepatitis he decidido pasar a algo un poquito más fuerte. En este caso heavy industries nos trae a Ceroform, drug un duo alemán que se preocupa por traernos esa un poco olvidada ya. esencia del tecno. Y aunque el track que lleva el nombre del ep es el que tal vez menos me gusta por su excesiva ( a mi juicio personal) dósis de arpegiadores, lo reseño por joyas como HiCon que fácilmente podría ser single de cualquiera de esos sellos que solíamos escuchar a finales de los 90. Buen hallazgo, con ese delicioso sabor a clásico.


” Our first release for 2006 is the much-anticipated EP from Bochum, Germany residents, Björn Bommersheim and Bastian Götz, under the project title Ceroform. Their style can best be described as a mix between dancefloor-conscious and atmospheric, the type of techno you can throw into just about any set. We begin this versatile 4 tracker wtih the title track, Vicious Mind. Bittersweet melodies sit against deep consistent percussion at a laid back tempo. The tight yet breathable production makes it easy to mix where you want, but it’s perfect for the end of the night. Wellen Schieben Welten follows more on the minimal tip, led by a vocoded German voice and quirky synths. Definitely a very original style in this one. HiCon brings us back to more typical Heavy Industries territory with sharp, hard, straightforward beats. Continuing to play with chord stabs, delays and swirling effects, Ceroform gives us a very workable number with enough uniqueness to set it apart from the typical looped club track. Finally we end the EP with a deep, clubby remix of Vicious Mind. This one is more suited to that peak hours moment and introduces some new synths and percussive loops. It’s still around the original tempo though so it remains suitable for house or techno crowds.

This is one of those rare EPs you find online that has exactly the right amount of danceability and also attention to detail. We want to thank the Ceroform team for hooking us up with these tracks and we’re honored to have them available to the public.”

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Black summer


Detras de D-liner se encuentra Andrej Imamovic, click
un chico de Sarajevo que muestra sus facultades para producir música de baile, además de sus ya publicadas experiencias más experimentales con su antiguo proyecto C photon. Black summer no es el disco más innovador, pero si es un seductor paseo por experiencias minimal y electro a un bpm más que agradable.


“The end of January is near and the first Oscilator release for 2006 is ready… It will be a quite hard opening of the new year because what we got here is a “Black Summer”, a new release by D Liner. And in this package you won`t found any sounds that will keep you warm trough the rest of the winter, but you will found strong electro-techno beats, heavy basslines, some fucked up vocal samples and a little bit of noise… And in the first half of 2006 you can also expect new, even more “hard-line” sounds by Andrej Imamovic a.k.a. D Liner, but the next time under the name Type 550… Prepare yourself! ”

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