VA – Movement for Airports Transistors Remixes

Movement for Airports Transistors Remixes
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“This is a message to the refugees”

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“From the album ULTRA-RED PLAY KANAK ATTAK, “Movement for Airports” takes sounds from a 2001 anti-deportation protest at Frankfurt Airport to craft an electro-house anthem. With its snarling bassline and crisp house riff, the track amplifies the rage of protestors demanding the release of migrants held by the German government and awaiting deportation to the countries from which they fled.

In the summer of 2004, Ultra-red joined with members of the German anti-racist network Kanak Attak ( and musician Elliot Perkins for the Transistors Tour 2004. Beginning in Berlin, the Tour made its way through the Balkan region, stopping in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Sarajevo. These events were hosted by members organizations of the ( The last stop, Belgrade, brought Ultra-red to the very place the German government deports up to 20,000 migrants a year as part of its repatriation agreement with Serbia.

For the single release of “Movement for Airports,” Ultra-red solicited remixes from artists representing each of the countries visited during the Transistors Tour. Stylistically varied, the remixes show the sensibility of artists who have witnessed war, the criminalization of difference, and the constitution of social movements within the short span of a decade. In the context of migrant struggle, one remixer, Goran Simonoski of PoS, contemplates the incomplete project of trans-formation begun with Serbia’s pro-democracy movement: “Revolution was the only way for us to stop dictatorship. God bless the revolution.”

The freedom of movement must be recognized as a fact of everyday life. Such freedom must be recognized for all people, from sex workers, to farm workers, families and lovers seeking reunion, Roma people, political refugees, and not just the sole right of privileged workers of the neoliberal order, like NGO workers, technical elites and cosmopolitan electronic musicians.

The “Movement for Airports” remix EP is available for free download under fair-use guidelines at Ultra-red’s PUBLIC RECORD web archive. Also included on the album is the original full-length version of the song, an exclusive Ultra-red remix and a radio-friendly single version.

Selected with the help of Zagreb-based free digital publishing label EGOBOO.bits (, the artists remixing “Movement for Airports” include Octex (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Jeanne Frémaux (Zagreb, Croatia), Vuneny (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina), PoS (Belgrade, Serbia-Montenegro), as well as Elliot Perkins and Ultra-red.”

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