3x!13 – A Summer Spent Inside

A Summer Spent Inside


Escuchar este disco me hizo recordar lo alejado que he estado en los últimos años del rock; y es que después de tanto tiempo de no disfrutar de grupos como guided by voices o silkworm, ambulance sentir de un momento a otro cierta revelación y ver la maravilla que me estaba perdiendo, me ha hecho revaluar ciertos conceptos y pensar que el rock no está del todo acabado. A Summer Spent Inside podría ser catalogado dentro de un paquete rock, y aunque no suena a guided by voices si tiene mucho de sonido lo-fi, guitarras distorsionadas e indie, solo que con algo de programación. Este disco de 3x!13, compuesto por dos CD’s (que seguramente deben ser escuchados en varias sesiones debido a su largo minutaje), es muy disfrutable y mucho más si no eres un fan asiduo del rock.


“Electro? Post Rock? Alternative House? LoFi? Grunge? Game music? 80s? Progressive? How in the world do you clasify 3x!13?! What’s for sure is that this best of album contains a healthy dose of character and a whole lot of chutspa. This is the real deal, underground music like it should be. 3x!13 reaches down into each and every one of us. These tunes contain some of the sweetest melodies since Zelda came out and changed the course of humanity, as well as vague, catchy, and particularly smart lyrics.

rain. exploded shards. treeline outline greay. music by numbers in mud by feet, feel out the sound by sight. popping inwards while working out wounds in the 2-D monophonic boombox atmosphere. halloween at the 3 year mark, the journey never feeling an end; beginning with every other chord. dry heaves and synthetic textures overlaying the cartoon zombie insides, letting the good turn to bad as it makes way for sleep. as an unnatural fog gathers in the higher corners, the low thumping and bassline takes over the baseboards”.

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