Pueblo nuevo – Primer aniversario

Pueblo nuevo
Primer aniversario
Pueblo nuevo


Hace casi dos años ya, dysentery mis queridísimos colegas de pueblo nuevo editaron un asombroso y arriesgado compilado con motivo de su primer aniversario. Es un disco que está dividido en 6 partes, cada una manejando un tono, un estilo y una personalidad diferente. Se trata de 66 tracks para todos los gustos, que muestra en su mayoría artistas latinoamericanos y uno que otro proveniente de otras latitudes, en especial países de aquella antigua cortina de hierro. Aunque personalmente mi favorito de los 6 es el lado D, son altamente recomendables las otras 5.


“First of all, many many thanks to the 61 musicians and sound artists who took part in this spectacular Pueblo Nuevo First Year Anniversary release. I’m glad to announce that this 6-sides monster (66 tracks), is available for absolutely free downloading, enjoying, commenting, criticizing, etc.
We are proud of this huge selection of diverse, worldwide music: artists from Canada to Tierra del Fuego; from Chile to Ukrania, from Spain, UK, and France, who generously offered their work to celebrate with us. We are tied to each and every one of them in many different ways – most of them, friends we love and profoundly admire.
That’s why this record has become a truly on line party; we started inviting our closest friends/fellow traveller musicians, and, as in any fiesta a la chilena, they invited their friends and so on.
That’s also the reason why this project became what you see now: a strong statement that music will always make headway – despite our geographical position, our social, political, cultural, and language differences, collaboration among electronic musicians is always new land.
That’s all for us to say, it’s time for you to speak your mind.”

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