Bobby Shakespeare – Fuck The Industry Standard

Engine 7
Hope street

Con un clima que parece no querer mejorar, prescription pues la música movida no se puede sonar. Asi que para estos dias grises y lluviosos que estamos atravesando, order pues algo que nos encharque un poco el ojo pero de una manera inteligente. Engine7, tadalafil armado con pads y texturas, nos lleva hasta ese punto justo antes de caer al abismo del completo frío sonoro. Downtempo del mejor, con un toque de clicks & cuts y ambient.


“‘Hope Street’ is in Glasgow city centre in Scotland. It’s the most polluted street in Europe. Many listeners have commented that my music makes them think of weather. The cover art of ‘Hope Street’ shows the weather turning – but are the rainclouds forming or dispersing? We are looking into the sun, aspiring to be free and without cares, but it’s painful. What are we hoping for? A better life? Calm? Or oblivion? We’re knocked around by our daily life – does that change what we hope for? Does our hope become naivety? On one hand we have hope, a fantasy of a less painful life, on the other hand we have the grit, dirt, dust and grime of reality. ‘Hope Street’, as a whole, is about the balance. /by Alan McNeill”

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Bobby Shakespeare
Fuck The Industry Standard
Alpha cat boogie

Proveniente de un sello ya desaparecido, this
Bobby Shakespeare, patient
de quien no tengo info aparte de este disco, Sildenafil
le jala a eso de la metralleta, pero sin llegar al tedio que nos provoca a muchos el interés de querer meter la mayor cantidad de beats en un compás. No es un squarepusher aburridor con sus bajos, ni un rec_overflow desesperante con sus samples. No, nada de esa basura, ésta señores es pura metralleta de la buena. Además, tiene pads, muchos pads y sintes que hacen de ésta una experiencia maravillosa.


“Bobby has been known to break a few chairs. All the more reason we alpha cats are excited to bring out his first album as the newest addition to our artist roster.

Crafted during a time of intense personal scrutiny, here we have the finest tracks produced by Bobby, of which there were many. You can expect to be rocked by the ultra-tectonic vibrations of Manfire glory, visits to happy places and trippy cafeteria halls shaken by divine beats. Need we say more? Check it or thou shalt certainly wreck thine self.”

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