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The opposite of silence
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El año empieza y esperemos que para bien. Hoy he decidido reseñar el primer disco que posiblemente haya escuchado de netaudio. Hace unos 8 años, tooth cuando audiogalaxy era lo último en guaracha para eso de descargar música, reseñaban en la página de electrónica a unos austriacos llamados Mika (Si, mika, diferentes a ese popero aburrido que canta como si le estuvieran apretando los huevos a toda hora). Aquí, en Audiogalaxy, este grupo decidía regalar un ep justo después de publicar su primer disco. Era como una especie de agregado al disco junto con algunos remixes. Un ep de gran factura que para la época y para los críticos musicales, el hecho de andar regalando algo así era visto como una locura. Imagínense, si ahora aun muchos creen que es una estupidez, en esa época nadie regalaba nada. Pero igual lo hicieron y nos dieron la posibilidad a muchos de conocer tan buen proyecto. Lástima que ya no produzcan música, porque sus 5 esfuerzos traían consigo downtempo muy interesante de ese que andaba tan en boga en la época.
En este momento el disco ya solo se puede encontrar gracias a last.fm y de allí solo se puede descargar porque audiogalaxy dejó de funcionar hace mucho tiempo ya. Así que anímate mientras aun lo puedes descargar.


“by Robert Whiteman

Not too long ago the Smashing Pumpkins released an album of out-takes and b-sides for free on the internet. The public lapped it up by the thousands, and nobody made a cent. Pretty noble for a notoriously egotistical and immature rock band right? Sure, but its just too bad the music sucked, and they were only doing it to screw their record company. The real free-music pioneers and heroes are the ones putting out worthwhile tunes with the blessing of their labels. Who’s doing that you ask? Klein RecordsMika is for one, and don’t worry if you haven’t heard of them yet… now you have.

Mika are an Austrian duo producing a smorgasbord of electronic music that is immanently listenable and appealing. They have recently released a self-titled debut album and simultaneously offered up The Opposite of Silence, an 8 track EP addition to the record in mp3 format. “Music is shareware,” they say, and thankfully they are sharing far more than a buggy beta version of their refined and lush sound.

With a strong melodic influence seemingly courtesy of their elderly neighbors Kraftwerk, Mika add breathy male and female vocals, shuffling ‘shiki shiki’ house and drum n’ bass percussion, and warm touches of acoustic bass, guitar and vibes. The result is strikingly familiar yet not quite like anything we’ve heard before. You can almost hear an updated Depeche Mode synth-pop one minute, but the next it’s more of a dubby Massive Attack thing. Or is that Jazzanova or United Future Organization we hear mixing in the eclectic sounds of future-jazz?

The EP begins with “Rabenwald” and its tones are warm and welcoming, like an Ambient Dub / DnB take on the old-school, Detroit Techno sound. “Open the Gates to Your Soul” continues in a dubbed out vein with percussion alternating between beautiful Boards of Canada style IDM and straight up DnB breaks. “Jet” is a remix of an album track, this version giving the sing-rhyming female vocals (in German) a detached and eerie feel. “The Opposite of Silence,” the title track, is a quiet piece of drum-less rhythm almost Koyanisqaatsi-like in its repetitive, synthesized minimalism. The “Bachelor” remix of “Enthusiastic” is the upbeat anthem of the bunch, and is perhaps the closest to straight up Proressive House. “Texas” (in addition to being the home of a murderous, inarticulate, cokehead, who as of the writing of this review has a very good chance of being the President of the United States of America) has a retro Axel-F style electro bassline and a definite Krautrock meets Miami Vice feel to it. Prometheus’ remix of “Atlas” downplays the original’s Mediterranean style acoustic guitar sounds and instead backs up the Trip Hoppy vocals with a whistling melody and the video-game sounds of ricocheting pongs and bloops. “Romana” lets us down on a mellow note as a slow motion beat echoes and kicks amongst gliding washes and pans.

Wow. This may be the one of the best electronic records I’ve heard all year, and its only the tossoff free EP. Check out Mika’s lovely website, create your own remixes, and buy the album from Klein Records while you’re at it. You owe them one.”

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