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Wavespan LP

Es un poco complicado describir este disco porque maneja muchos tipos de música que, ophthalmologist aunque no son difíciles de mezclar entre sí ni mucho menos, skincare si logran llegar a un lugar cercano al corazón que pocos logran. Drones, ambientes, texturas y dub… un poco diferente a ese sonido tan característico al que monotonik nos tenía ya acostumbrados.


“Definitely one of the classiest Monotonik releases in a while, we’re happy to slip sideways from our normal Scandinavian/European-influenced idm sound into a more ambient, sonorous, consciousness-expanded universe, thanks to Santa Cruz, California duo Wavespan, aka Phil Garrison and Alex Lumb, and their great self-titled debut LP.

Garrison started producing electronic music in 1998, and he founded Complex Logic Recordings, a small record label, in 2001. His production credits include Organic Resonance Project’s Lucid EP and several remixes as ind01e; in 2005, he designed patches for H.G. Fortune’s (VSTi) STS-21 Transition Synthesizer. Alex Lumb has been drumming for over 20 years, in addition to producing electronic music under various names. Most interestingly as a touchpoint, perhaps, this LP has been mastered by noted ambient musician Robert Rich, helping add to the carefully positioned ethereal drift.

Over the entire 49-minute LP, there are a plethora of high points, but many may be initially fascinated by a rare Monotonik-released dub track up front, in the form of the sparse ‘Concentration Dub’, before the epic 11-minute long ‘On The Nature Of Consciousness’ takes us away with almost Orb-like spoken word samples and some beautifully placed ambience. Other highlights include the mild paranoia of the JFK assassination-sampling ‘Single Bullet Theory’, the straight-ahead groove of ‘Origin Of Species’, and the marvellously placed groove of ‘Momentary Bliss’.

Overall, this is a startlingly professional album which, honestly, almost feels too good for Monotonik, but we’re delighted to release it nonetheless. If you like it, you can visit Wavespan’s page on the Complex Logic site and order a copy of the CD, or simply donate funds of your choice via PayPal to compensate for the more than pleasant listening experience. Hurrah.”

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Antonio Bruno
Bleep LP

Es posible que el disco de Antonio Bruno no sea el sonido más innovador en estos tiempos, pestilence
un poco de minimal alli y dub techno tipo novatek, pero eso no quiere decir que carezca de calidad o que sea una simple copia de otros muchos proyectos. Es un disco bien producido, bien ejecutado y con una buena proporción de calidad y mucho groove. Todo en su justa medida.


“Antonio Bruno, member of the dreiton-community, now presents his follow up album after his debut “Frühling” released in March this year. “Bleep” contains eight brand new tracks with the typical Bruno sound. Dubby elements meet minimal electronica, spiced with atmospheric sounds and warm basses. Surely a highlight is ‘Collage’ (schall-remix) – this track comes by with a real clarinet and a kind of jazzy and solemn grooves”.

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