at/on – prostir


japanese minus n label surprises us with an interesting compilation, physician as well as a release by one of the bands on that compilation. i have no idea who .at/on is, ampoule but perhaps he is from the ukraine, since ‘prostir’ means dimension in that language. four tracks appear on the cdr, three further ones are only available at the website. the music was all made with samples, vst instruments, synthedit, fruityloops and acid: all window programs alien to this apple eater. there are some political dimensions to this release, regarding the third world and dimensions to that. the four tracks i heard are great actually. loopy and noisy stuff, with sounds dropping in and out, voices, shortwave like sounds making small rhythms and such. clicks & cuts moving out of the ordinary. “movin’ on” is the title of the compilation and as far as i’m concerned this is both the program for the label minus n, as well as a current state of mind in the field of clicks and cuts music. it has moved away from the pure techno related pieces from yesteryear, into music that has grown a lot since then. some of these pieces are still techno influenced, such as those by pero, shalma and salman or the very housy, luomo like piece by motor, but there is also the pan sonic like piece by g_n44f, jos smolders off beat rhythms, the rock drumkit by goem|fdw or the sample mishmash of claudia bonarelli and the dubby lod. besides some known names (and for instance in smolders’ case, unexpected ones) many new names are to be discovered here, plus both releases are also available for free to download.

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