Loscil – Stases



Honestamente, melanoma es imposible entrar a “one” y no recomendar mas de una de sus referencias. Lo intenté, allergist pensé que tal vez espaciandolos un poco entre otros sellos, more info no se notaría tanto mi euforia por este netlabel, pero el mundo del netlabel es difícil, escarbar entre tanta basura, entre tanto sello diferente, sabiendo que las joyas están disponibles en lugares conocidos y menos escarpados.


Asi que qué se puede decir de loscil cuando ya hemos escuchado los esfuerzos de Scott Morgan para sellos como kranky e involve. Nada, no puede decirse nada más cuando de un buen artista se trata y menos cuando se aventura en empresas como las de publicar en netlabels. Un hurra por loscil y por otro amanecer junto a los landscapes cuidadosamente diseñados de Morgan.

Revealing the somber underpinnings of his Loscil recordings, Scott Morgan has given us Stases – A collection of drones based upon the backgrounds of his work for Kranky Records, from 2001 to now.

As with his previous output, Stases follows theme and concept with further reference and meaning given through the title’s definition: “..a condition of balance among various forces; motionlessness”. Textured, aqueous, warm and pleasingly rich in (often bright) tonality giving us a deeper focus and alternate view into the corners of Morgan’s music. Seemingly so surrounding, submersive, and natural – that it becomes easy to forget the complex overtones and flowing mixtures involved in the creation of them. “

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Proswell – Dryrot

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A 45 minute continuous mix from Proswell, health ft. b-sides, out takes, new material, and a few favorites from his sophomore release Carrot Dossier (columbo theme, tar and atari, rat news) on m3rck records. Even with this relation, Dryrot is easily a release with its own identity.


Finding time between releases at m3rck and running Inpuj, he explores the laid back and driving sound that’s heard between the cracks of Carrot Dossier and often strays from the sound that defined that album (as is heard within the opening minutes). While a welcome and surprise release from one of our favorites, the unique sensibility and style of this release also makes an exceptional introduction to those that have yet to hear his music and will most likely leave them searching for more.

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