Feuerbach – Ask us no questions and we’ll tell you no lies

Ask us no questions and we’ll tell you no lies
Sundays in spring


Como lo he prometido, noun la segunda reseña de este mes hace parte también del mismo sello belga Sundays in spring, order quienes no han sido muy consistentes con su labor netlabel, hygiene ya que han tenido tiempos muertos de hasta un año. Pero esto se les perdona porque suelen publicar música verdaderamente interesante.
Para hoy el invitado es Feuerbach, un folk indie muy interesante, plagado de amor, sentimiento y ternura. Tal vez no sea el tipo de música más obvio para encontrar en un netlabel y por eso pienso que merece ser reseñado en este blog. Un disco completamente acústico, sin complejos, simple y concreto, alejado de tanto mundo electrónico al que ya los tenía habituados.


“Feuerbach come both from Genk, Belgium. This is their first release after a song on a Rarefish compilation – ‘Tree’ – we fell in love with. But sadly after this beginning the band went on hiatus. That made us so sad that we started to ask them constantly for more songs. During last spring, they finally accepted to come back to life and to work on a few songs for us. It gave them energy, fervor and desire to let the band grow; Feuerbach is now more alive than ever!
These are pure indie pop folk melodies that will stick in your mind for long hours.

About the EP:
This EP is the result of two people messing around with recording gear, and instruments that happened to be available at the time. These songs were written while recording, so we didn’t knew with what we would end up with. Luckily the result was a (more or less) coherent batch of songs. At first we wanted to experiment with electronics, but combining that with acoustic instruments and singing was too complicated for our lazy minds. (Although the last song is a result of those tries.) So we switched to the “all-acoustic” mode. Using acoustic and slide guitars, a banjo, playing on the drums with brushes, and soft singing… all of that eventually resulted in some kind of folk/pop. Later on, these songs were completed with the help of some others, so thanks to:
Thomas, playing bass-guitar and a slide solo on track 1
Nils, playing the bass on tracks 2, 3 and 4
Astrid, singing on track 3

About Feuerbach:
There isn’t much to say, yet. Feuerbach, the recording project, consists of Felix and Rolf. For the past few months we’ve been deciding every week we would start rehearsing, to see if we could perform live with these songs. Each week there are other things that distract us. But eventually we’ll succeed in our goal: the first band repetition. Feuerbach, the live-band to be, will consist of (you saw this coming) Felix and Rolf. But in their harsh task of bringing their music to the masses they will be joined by Nils and David.”

Reseña oficial Sundays in spring

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Sepia hours – Five thousand steps

Sepia hours
Five thousands steps
Sundays in spring


Tengo que confesar que este comienzo de mes ha sido un poco lento en varios aspectos, capsule ando un poco ocupado en afianzar proyectos personales y he descuidado un poco todos mis sitios, pero como dicen ahi, es mejor tarde que nunca. Para este mes creo que comenzaré reseñando un par de discos del mismo sello, cosa un poco inusual en esta bitácora. Música triste e íntima, de esa que muchos dicen hacer pero que pocos logran de una forma tan certera. Un disco que evoca sensaciones y recuerdos que ya se creían distantes.


“Sepia Hours is the solo project of Sébastien Biset, a young Belgian musician. This is his first release.

Below you’ll find his bio:
I had to centre all my ideas and desires into 7 tracks without falling back on the too brazen sound impulses that do not contribute to a coherent whole. Having privileged the musical aspect with the detriment of any experimentation, it appears however that research on the voice had come to a dispersion of the words in certain pieces. Words become echoes, they appear and disappear again, the voice always somewhere between singing and whisper mixed with the guitar airs and electronic lines. As the title evokes, this session of recording went through many steps (personally as well as musically), various climates (what justifies a progression of the atmospheres on this Ep). Sepia hours is a base for possible deepening and future musical wandering… Between guitar, objects (acoustic) of kinds and computer, between attempts, unavoidable errors, emotion (I do hope so..) and passion..”

Reseña oficial Sundays in spring

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