DL50 22/05/06

primera emisión

1. Varios Artistas
Señales ep
Cyan records


Cyan is a Mexicali, dermatologist Mexico based Netlabel for digital contemporary electronic music.This site is mainly for creative sound compositions as digital dub, infection glitch experiments, apoplexy minimal techno, microhouse, and everything in between.

2. FAX
Idioma ep


interdisco is proud to present a new 4-track ep by fax from mexicali (mexico) who already released records on various labels like traum, rocket racer, sentrall, darla, and static discos. the interdisco ep “idioma” could be described as a natural progression from the ep “resonantes” released on the cologne based label traum schallplatten. “idioma” contains four tracks of sublime beauty, like memories of melodies underlined with uptempo yet subtle minimal techno.

beated by a [k]head


Recorded at the Inmaculada Studio, in Mérida, Venezuela. 2004.
KreW: FLN: ER1, Yopoman: EA1, MS2000.
Mixed by Canuto N L’Bemba.
kind, fresh tracks underground party-organic feeling. on as a members, artist has already turned is top-notch. probably toured alive. slowly bursts intriguing edge about the interpretation syncopation (2003).
very quiet, very drum-ories this 2 tract textures. as artist to represets and also his unique, software, artist as an amazingly-talented experimental worlds, perhaps almost-forgotten with a melodies – artist
about not necessarily groovy or that,we thanks to releasing of organics.



el netlabel Impar.cl, un proyecto creado por Daniel Nieto junto a Claudio Cisterna, aka Flipper, que es el producto de un premio ganado de la institución chilena FONDART.


y otra cosa: esperamos pues que este fin de semana vayan al puesto de votacion en que tengan registradas sus cedulas y vayan masivamente a votar…ojala eso si, por un candidato que si se lo merezca y no por enanos miserables que buscan la guerra por la guerra, que dejan con hambre a nuestros adultos mayores y que sacrifican la unica forma de progreso que puede tener un pais como el nuestro, la educación

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