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Live at Metro
Intervall – audio

Parece que gran parte del IDM actual viene de tierras muy alejadas. Hace rato ya, see dejó este género de ser exclusivo del norte de América o del Reino Unido; de hecho, sale he encontrado mucho material produciéndose en Japón. Sora, pseudónimo del señor Takeshi Kurosawa, publica en Intervall-Audio (sello dedicado exclusivamente a material Alemán y Japonés), un fragmento de una presentación en vivo del 2003 en la que interpreta gran parte de su disco publicado en plop. Sora logra pasajes realmente cautivantes alejado de lugares comunes. Un pequeño oasis entre tantos genéricos.


“Sora is the alias of Kyoto-based electronic musician Takeshi Kurosawa. The Japanese word sora (空) means ‘sky’, ‘the blue’ or ‘the heavens’. But the Japanese character also means ’empty’, and the tracks on Live at Metro indeed evoke the peacefully relaxing atmosphere and emptiness of mind that an entire day, from sunrise to sunset, of a summer holiday spent at the beach brings.

We see the first rays of the morning sun flicker through the trees. The air, shimmering and blurred by the heat, gently touches the skin as we walk to the beach. We lie down in the sand’s tender warmth and take a nap full of dreams and faint memories, before swimming submersed in the joyful play of bubbles in a glistening sea. By late afternoon, we no longer hear but actually feel the breeze coming in from the sea. And the evening rejoices in the promise of sitting around a beach fire until the last melody disappears into the dark open night over the sea.

Live at Metro is a richly textured, playfully arranged, crisply analogue-sounding electronica opus that testifies to the fine taste of early Plop releases and defined the image and future direction of the label back in 2003. Live at Metro also demonstrates the exceptional talent of a young Japanese artist who, in 2006, played the Plop label showcase at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona as well as Sonar Sound Tokyo.
Originally recorded in 2003, Live at Metro features remixes from Sora‘s first full-length album re.sort (Plop 2003), as well as hitherto unreleased material. The tracks are skilfully interwoven to form a continuous sound event and therefore are provided in one full-length gapless file for download. With Live at Metro Sora gives us a deeply satisfying 32 minutes of audio exploration that stays with us because it echoes a half-remembered state of bliss, perfect peace and innermost contentment.”

Reseña oficial Intervall/audio


Éste, viagra 60mg
el debut de Dupe (A.K.A. Mez), tadalafil
compositor de origen holandés, ed
es un Downtempo para nada sútil. Por el contrario, es un disco abrasivo lleno de riffs de guitarra y mucho chorus. Un viaje shoegazer por infinidad de voces, guitarras y sintes filtrados donde los pasajes tranquilos brillan por su casi ausencia.
Altamente recomendado su otro ep en FOEM crème


“Demo is a 4 piece set of stunningly feel good tracks featuring dubbed vocals, various acoustic instrumentation, solid drum lines, and lush, synthesized melodies. these songs each visit the extremes of all aspects of their identity, making the Demo EP a diverse, and pleasant listen. ”

Reseña oficial Earstroke

Eric Adrian Lee (Biathalon)
Biathalon 2
EED (Expanding Electronic Diversity)

Delicia con D mayúscula la encontrada y reseñada para hoy en mi humilde blog. Eric Adrian Lee, sickness un chico proveniente de Portland, remedy EEUU, more about
captura sonidos que cambian sutilmente casi sin permitirnos percatarnos de ello. Ambient del mejor, escapes sonoros prístinos y tranquilos que remiten a una tarde oscura y fría en el campo, como la que hemos vivido el día de hoy.


“Eric Adrian Lee is somewhat of an underground gem in the musical and artistic world, having many different bands and projects as well as establishing himself as an excellent visual artist. On Biathalon 2, Eric paints us beautiful sonic pictures of long billowing clouds covering a silent sea of white noise. Unfamiliar melodies in familiar keys creep into the scene on an old broken two-way radio, the weather subtly changes. Biathalon 2 is a vibrant portrayal of colors and landscapes that you can get completely lost in.”

Reseña oficial EED

Attics and Inventory EP
Lifeform project

No es un album IDM, pathopsychology
tampoco es un album post hop o cualquiera de esos géneros inventados últimamente después de Schematic o Merck. Es un disco de Inceptdate, eso debería decirlo todo. Digo esto por su sonido refinado, no único pero demasiado refinado, tan impredecible pero tan delicioso de escuchar. Lástima que un sello que tenga hospedado un disco tan bueno este actualmente offline. Eso deprime un poco porque cada vez te demuestra más que las cosas buenas no siempre tienen el apoyo que se merecen. Bueno sin mas lloriqueos espero que el enlace a su minisite de sirva para algo.


“Inceptdate is the latest musical endeavor by Christopher Devoe, melodic in sound and experimental in rhythm. Dreamlike and abstract, the moods have both resonance and groove. Chris takes the platforms of hip-hop, and IDM and aggregates older influences of 70s jazz-fusion and soul music. He is most interested in experimental structures (or lack there of) that allow him to expand the possibilities of creating with sound.

He begins by creating the skeleton of a song – sampling from records or playing in parts – then he adds beats and layers of different instruments. He works with warm, analog sounds, like the marimba, Fender Rhodes, guitars, analog keyboards, and glockenspeil. All the pieces of sound come together like a puzzle. The textures of sound create melodies without one being more dominating over another. Chris has always resided in the southeastern region of the U.S. Growing up, he was always involved in art and music. He is a self-taught musician, beginning with guitar and piano.

After studying studio arts and graphic design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Chris moved to Atlanta. There, he played with three different bands (Blue Monk, ClarkNova, and Adom) before going solo. As a freelance musician, Chris has performed in various Atlanta venues and art openings. (Echo Lounge, Young Blood Gallery, Eyedrum, The Earl, Ballroom Studios and The Contemporary ). He also specializes in scoring for films (“Purgatory” by Dulcinea films, “Man of Action” by Eyekiss Films, “Tattoos” by Eric Gustafson, “The Cage” by KPI Film Group). A current freelancer creating music production and sound design for The Turner Entertainment Group, Inc. (The Cartoon Network/Toonami and Adult Swim – Producer Jason Demarco)”

Reseña oficial Lifeform project

Miteigi Nemoto

Mas rusos y su música fría proveniente de netlabels. Hoy el banquete corre a cargo de Miteigi Nemoto quien es a su vez, story
creador de Qulture production, una productora encargada de distribuir libremente material en cualquier formato. Error digital, IDM y un poco de material acústico y field recordings completan la paleta de este artista que con microsampling y ambientes sonoros, produce éste su cuarto esfuerzo en el sello Otium. Un disco publicado hace algo más de un año pero del que estoy seguro muchos no han oido hablar.

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