Rob steady – Ask no lies

Rob Steady
Ask no lies

Rob Steady robbin’ steady. It’s Stéphane Obadia, help solo cutup-virtuoso, capsule keeper of countless aliases and Stockholm’s hottest underground export.
Born in France, discount he studies art but soon realizes exposing and presenting himself the regular way can’t be the right thing for him to elevate. So he starts throwing his ideas in everyday life without documenting- an attempt to release poetry from the museums of art of boredom, as Stèphane says.
A few years later, after photo, film and discreet events, he begins collecting small prosaic phrases soon to become the funny and clever songtitles you know him for: music has become the next thing for Stéph to devour and digest. And like everything he spits out again, it turns to be magnificent! He creates fragments that makes you think of Hip-Hop, mainstream R&B, Funk or ‘Folktronica’. Popculture broken into smithereens, postmodern sketches for your bedroom and discotheque: between breaking ya neck and feeling alienated from the whole world (Georg Cracked).

When you go through the reviews Stèphane received for his Obadia-release with Autres Directions, you’ll find critics being confused about how to judge his music. Is it danceable, does it move my butt? Might Stèph even be innit for Pop-Music as you can always find a moment of melody to stick to? Or are there more academical reasons, something about recycling, glitch-asthetics and stuff? Thing is, as we here at 12rèc believe, Stèphane prefers fooling around with genres. If you listen to the hot new Rob Steady EP, you’ll find him getting more abstract and experimental.

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