Vernon LeNoir – Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas

Vernon LeNoir
Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas
Ego twister

Generalmente la primera entrega de un sello siempre suena a primerizo, ambulance con un sonido a veces descuidado y del que posteriormente se siente algo de vergüenza. Ego twister nos dice que la excepción hace la regla al editar como su primer disco, sovaldi 26 temas llenos de sampladelia, more about muzak, easy listening y demás frases musicales conocidas por aquel que ha vivido algunos lustros en esto que llamamos tierra. Manejado tras los conceptos de deconstrucción y permutación en los palíndromos, Vernon Lenoir nos muestra de una forma entretenida todo ese universo musical tan importante y del que muchos a veces denigran.


“Vernon LeNoir says :

“One thing the people often misunderstand when they plan to use the palindrome as a metaphor is the meaning of fate.
Fate or fatality as the superlative of determination means that there is no chance of turning to another solution.
There is no other solution than the one which was planned to be. Of course fatalists have to believe in god as the first mover (Aristoteles). But it is exactly this passive aspect that slows and freezes everything: the will, the move, the thought.
The palindrome itself isn’t just this expression of the passive, it is more, no, it is something else: it is a piece of art. It insists magic, it resists rationalism ( that only the meaning of the words is important)
– a palindrome is an art IN its form. It puts the form into a metalevel of it’s own meaning.
It’s not the discussion of form and function, it’s the discussion of form and meaning. Meaning needs form to be articulated, and form again needs meaning to be considered
more than its simple usage (Marcel Duchamps had exactly this in mind when he put the pissoir and the bicycle wheel into the context of art).
So the art of sampling is a way to deconstruct and reconstruct the form to create a new one. Recreation of form brings recreation of its meaning. Hopefully”.


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